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Piano tuner Marbella

Piano tuner, repair and regulation for Málaga area and nearby

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               PIANO TUNER - Marbella, Málaga

Welcome to afinaelpiano.com
"tune your piano"

Piano tuning, repair and regulation for South Spain Mainly Málaga and Costa del Sol. We travel to Marbella and Estepona, anywhere within 100 km, also Gibraltar. Appoinments taken by the phone or email. Feel free to email or phone me for any question or advice.

      Telef. 666819463
Benalmádena, Malaga (Spain)


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  •     Piano tuning, concert and in-home

  •      Quick and accurate pitch raises

  •      Repairs, all sort

  •      Strings and hammer replacement

  •      Action regulation

  •      Piano transport


Piano tuning

Small maintenance adjustments if needed
are included in the price.

    80  Euros

Pitch raise and tuning

For pianos that hasn't been tuned for quite a few years and are "below pitch" (The A above middle C is considerably less than 440 cycles per second). Normally in two sessions.

  150  Euros


Especially on older pianos, there can be parts that are broken or worn. Symptoms can be notes that don't play, notes that play but sound strange, buzzing, clicking, etc.

    35  Euros

Strings replacement

Wound or unwound. Normally on stock.  If not, they can be order. any size any diameter.

    10  Euros
     35  Euros

Hammer set

Take a few days. Tuning and regulation is also needed.
Hammers Abel-hammers from Germany.

  550  Euros


An ordinary regulation take care of the main important parts, a full regulation go into every single part of the piano. Highly
recommended every few years.

    80 Euros
  250 Euros

Prices are only indicative and depends on the difficuty of the job and the driving distance. Please call me for a quote and any question or advice, thank you.

                                         Contact Mobil: +34 666819463